hey there

welcome to the not-so-serious page~

here you can read all about me. very cool. also, hobbies, experience, qualifications, etc etc etc

i'm from notts, hoping to go to uni in bristol this year if all goes according to plan. hobbies include procrastination and watching netflix, along with sports and photography.

The quick bits


  • Experience design
  • Web development
  • Videography/cinematography
  • Visual design
  • Drawing/sketching/painting


  • Linux
  • Figma
  • VS Code
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Notion


  • Web design/development
  • Logo/brand design
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Social campaigns


  • Some GCSEs
  • A levels (pending)
  • Degree (pending)
  • Not really much else tbh
  • But since when did
    exams mean anything?

My journey

I’ve always enjoyed making things. There’s something about just building stuff which I just find so relaxing and satisfying. It’s the same feeling I used to get making Lego models as a kid, when you’ve arranged all the pieces in the right place, and you finally see it start to come together to create something from a few weird-shaped pieces.

I guess design’s not that different - it’s exactly the same process, and I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. It took me a while to figure out how to combine my artistic drive with my technical skills - but I got there eventually, and thus was born my long(ish) journey down the path to where I find myself today.

I started to look for real-world projects to work on - I had very little experience, and almost no clue what I was doing, or how to price things, so I started off small. A website for £20. I think it’s fair to say my designs were horrible back then, but clients were getting what they paid for. I progressed quickly - £50 for the next website. £100 for the one after. Then £200, and so on - my understanding of design was improving all the while, and I began to produce work that I was genuinely pleased with.

I’ve not looked back since. Sure there have been ups and downs along the way, but each setback’s just been an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

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